Is your client's IRA an IOU to the IRS?

America’s Tax Solutions™ can help you discover the answer to this question for all of your clients through our world class IRA Summit, designed specifically for tax professionals. Our organization is the unsurpassed leader in educating tax professionals like you about the challenges associated with retirement planning. We have spent over a decade developing the most comprehensive training program designed to provide tax professionals with the necessary tools and expertise they need to maximize their clients’ retirement strategies by eliminating HEAVY, IMMEDIATE and UNNECESSARY taxation.

Create a competitive edge through our IRA Summit™ by not only gaining new business opportunities, but taking care of and retaining your existing clients. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to become the best in your profession!

As a tax professional, it is crucial that you are up to speed with the latest information that impacts your clients’ IRAs and other retirement plans.

All tax professionals should be well versed in the following retirement planning topics:
• Is your client’s IRA an IOU to the IRS?
• Regulation 401(a)(9) and the opportunities it offers IRA account owners
• Rules concerning IRA rollovers, transfers and conversions
• Rollover rules regarding Workplace Retirement Plans
• IRA and 401(k) compliance issues that can affect tax professionals
• IRA documentation and reporting requirements
• Showing your clients how to minimize taxes on IRAs and 401(k)s

Our exclusive 2 day program will address little known facts and teach you how to become an IRA EXPERT. We cover more than mere technical knowledge – we make sure you understand the complex retirement system in America today and the role retirement planning plays in every client’s life.

Our Unique and Dynamic Program Will help You Learn and Apply:

• 20 IRA Rules Most Tax Professionals Don’t Know
• IRA Contribution Deadlines
• 60-Day Rule and Exceptions
• The Pension Protection Act of 2006
• Beneficiary Tips and Important Deadlines
• Compliance Issues for Tax Professionals
• Beneficiary Reviews
• Custodial Issues and Reviews
• Tips on Disclaimers
• Roth Recharacterizations
• Rollovers From Employer Plans
• Different Rules for Non-Spousal Beneficiaries
• Rollovers Between IRAs
• Roth IRA Conversions
• RMD Rules (Required Minimum Distributions)
• The Latest Retirement Updates and Regulations
• And Much, Much More!

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