The Best Practices Tour is designed to help accounting professionals understand the complex world of distribution planning for their clients’ IRAs, 401(k)s, and other retirement programs.This three-hour CPE ACCREDITED PROGRAM introduces accounting professionals to the Accountant’s Obligations in Retirement Distribution Planning and will help CPAs identify the most common mistakes that are made by clients when it comes to distributing assets under a retirement plan. Participants will learn how to help their clients DEFUSE THE TICKING TIME BOMB that can cause a lifetime of savings to be lost to heavy, immediate, and unnecessary taxation at the time of distribution.


  • LEARN THEIR ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITY in retirement planning
  • PREPARE THEMSELVES and their clients for tax hikes
  • UNDERSTAND HOW the Government is taxing away their clients’ wealth – FREE Special Report included!
  • LOWER their clients’ taxes
  • DETERMINE if their clients’ IRAs are IOUs to the IRS
  • LEARN ABOUT the Dodd-Frank Act and its importance
  • DELIVER values, services, competencies, and solutions to their clients
  • PROVIDE a variety of services that utilize this information to better serve their clients and their objectives
  • HELP clients leave their families with legacies
“I learned about the liability that could exist for many of my clients if they don’t have their IRAs done correctly. Every CPA, attorney and investment professional should attend this training.”
Mick A., California
“Attending this school was eye-opening. I didn’t realize the extraordinary opportunities I would have been missing out on with respect to my business and protecting the financial future of my own clients.”
Jim W., California
“I cancelled my morning meetings to attend the Best Practices Tour and it was well worth it.”
Brian L., California
“With over 15 years as an accountant, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about these important topics discussed at the Best Practices Tour.”
Henry R., California
“I started bulletproofing my practice immediately after the Best Practices Tour meeting.”
Lee S., Nevada
“I’ve reduced client defections significantly since attending the Best Practices Tour!”
Will P., Michigan
“Wow! This was the best presentation on IRA distribution changes and strategies I have ever attended.”
Matthew B., Michigan
“The Best Practices Tour was the best meeting I have attended in the past 10 years.”
Steve H., California

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