Protection from the Market Roller Coaster

Protection from the Market Roller Coaster

The market plunges!… Wait, it’s going up!… No, it’s down again!…

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, recent market volatility we’ve all been watching on the news (and perhaps sweating a little too) is nothing new.

Even when the market imitates a roller coaster ride, Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) owners sleep well at night. They can take comfort knowing their hard-earned money is protected from sudden and unexpected downturns in the market. You get the opportunity to participate in the upsides of the market without the risk of losing everything when it plunges with an FIA.

Key FIA benefits include:

  • No Loss of Principal
  • Locked in Gains
  • A Guaranteed Stream of Income for Life
  • Liquidity
  • Tax-Advantaged Accumulation
  • Crediting Options – You Choose a Crediting Strategy

Unlike variable annuities, which are securities investments, FIAs are safe insurance products and only insurance licensed professionals may offer these safe tools.

How have you been sleeping the past few days? Talk to your tax professional or Wealth Preservation Consultant who specializes in retirement distribution planning today to determine whether an FIA is a good fit with your retirement goals and planning strategy.