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America's Tax Solutions™ provides marketing materials to assist the CPA firm in building wealth preservation awareness with their clients. These materials include:

Client Letters

Customized Newsletters

Wealth Preservation Themed Postcards

Wealth Preservation Client Seminars

Wealth Preservation Supplements for Tax Organizers

Lobby Posters

The demand for CPAs to enter financial services is coming from your clients. We offer OVER A DECADE of training experience and expertise, and an unsurpassed turn-key system that will EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS and INCREASE YOUR INCOME exponentially!


Proper retirement distribution planning can help clients develop strategies that may reduce the likelihood that they will experience a financial hardship is retirement. Creating and engineering steady and reliable streams of income is critical during the retirement phase of one's life. There are a number of risks that can compromise a client's income stream during retirement.

LONGEVITY - living longer than clients planned or expected

SPOUSAL SURVIVOR - changes to a client's lifestyle when one spouse dies

HEALTH CARE - facing significant out-of-pocket health care costs because Medicare does not pay all health-related expenses

LONG TERM CARE  - losing the ability to live independently and requiring additional assistance or care

INFLATION - deteriorating standard of living due to inflation

INVESTMENT - receiving investment returns that are lower than expected, and recovery is difficult