What Other Benefits Does America's Tax Solutions™ Offer?

Other key benefits offered by America's Tax Solutions™ include: retirement distribution planning, tax planning, estate tax analysis, wealth distribution analysis, qualified plan distribution analysis, annuity strategies and a comprehensive retirement road map.


America's Tax Solutions™ is committed to providing educational resources and forums to prepare our CPA affiliates to better server their clients and build their business. Many of our educational offerings provide CPE credit.

Quarterly regional training meetings and webcasts to share and discuss best practices

24/7 web portal that provides education on demand on a variety of wealth management topics

National regional conferences that provide a menu of continuing education


Many clients have accumulated sizable wealth that needs to e protected form the risks of taxes and inflation, America's Tax Solutions provides resources and solutions to help advisors properly plan for the protection and transfer of their client's assets to the next generation, many of these solutions incorporate the use of cash value life insurance and annuities to:

Replace income

Provide liquidity to pay taxes and expenses at death

Provides a legacy for a favorite charity(s)

Create parity for children in asset transfers

Provide liqudity to buy out shareholders of a business